Modern Account

Clean, responsive and customizable Keycloak Account Console theme.

Modern Account is a responsive and clean Keycloak Account Console theme.
Buy Modern Account now for only €39 + VAT


Modern Account is an account console theme for Keycloak.

It's responsive and tested on multiple devices of different screen size.

Modern Account is customizable, following the instructions in the included documentation you can change the theme logo and the primary color.

Purchasing the theme you get a 14 days money back guarantee and six months of basic support.

Why should I buy?

Building a Keycloak theme is complex. Many pages are not visibile unless you setup Keycloak in a specific way and enable them. To develop a theme you would need to disable the theme cache in Keycloak and learn how to configure a new theme, how assets need to be declared, how FreeMarker templates works.

With Modern Account you get a high quality theme in minutes, this way you can leave the complexity behind and focus on more important things.

Which pages does it includes?

Modern Account includes the following styled pages:

  • Account console dashboard
  • Personal info page
  • Signing in page
  • Device Activity page
  • Linked accounts page
  • Applications page


What do you get

By purchasing Modern Account you get:

  • A package ready to be deployed on your Keycloak installation
  • Documentation about the themes customization
  • Documentation about the themes installation
  • Six months of basic support
Buy Modern Account now for only €39 + VAT