The Account Management Console theme for Modern is now available

Today I am excited to announce the availability of the Account Management Console theme for Modern.

The Account Management Console theme covers the following pages:

  • the Personal info page, where user can change their name and password
  • the Devices list page where users can control the list of devices associated to their account in case of two factor authentication
  • the Sessions page, where user can control which login sessions are active and the details about those sessions

This theme complements the login theme, with the same styles and the same look and feel.

You can find some screenshot on the dedicated theme page.

Starting from today you’ll find three products on

  • Modern Login, which is the original theme that covers the login pages
  • Modern Account, which is the new Account Management Console theme
  • Modern Bundle, a bundle that includes both the Login theme and the Account Management Console theme.

The bundle with Modern Login + Account is available for a discounted price of 89€ + VAT. The new Modern Account theme is available for only 39€ + VAT.

Feel free to send us a message for any question.